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The best mixes

The best mixes are crafted by the top mix engineers, but that's not why they're the best mixes. Those engineers have great skills and they know some advanced techniques, but they're not pulling out all those stops on every song. They're the best mixes because those engineers are getting the best songs and the best recordings. So before you start learning every trick in the book and using it on every song, ask yourself what you can do to be trusted with better source material. And you can share that with someone who belongs in a beat kitchen class.

What’s better than a lot of advanced mixing tips and techniques? It’s having a lot of knowledge, skills, and tricks up your sleeve and not having to use them. That’s what distinguishes the top audio engineers in the field. When we talk about getting trusted with better source material, we also include CREATING better source material. Beat Kitchen is dedicated to teaching you how to refine your music and start thinking about how it can be compelling, impactful, and sound great – as early in the process as possible. All the gear in your rack, all your plug-ins, and your a DAW isn’t worth much without music. That’s why we teach all of it. New classes start this week. Members enjoy attended live hours three times a week and have access to multiple instructors and resources for a year. New classes are starting right away! Reach out!

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