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Hardware & Recording

Key concepts:

  • Hardware (mics, interface, amps, speakers, cables, etc.)

  • Signal Flow

  • Audio Engineering Basics

  • Recording Practices

  • External Hardware

In a digital production environment, there are only a handful of things that we, as producers, can touch, hear, and interact with. It makes those things special and that is what this class is all about.

We will explore the basics of speakers, microphones, and gain-staging. We will discuss acoustics and how to get the most out of your gear. Our goal is also to empower beatmakers by de-mystifying their next trip to the music store.

Course Length: 24 hours in total

Course Meets: Live Remote Meeting Over Zoom

In-person Studio Sessions:  TBD

Studio Session Locations: TBD

Office & Lab Hours Available: Yes (with membership)


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