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Digital Skills for

Take command of your computer. Take control of your files. Alt and delete only when necessary. Learn digital hygine at Beat Kitchen

This course is free for members

We live in an increasingly digital world. Creative disciplines like music production require competency in computer skills. This short elective is designed to ensure that makers don't fall into the tedious sand-trap of lost files, inefficient work-habits, and general confusion that can impede creatives as they navigate Mac and Windows operating systems.

Review the syllabus below and if you don't need this elective, you know who you are. Otherwise, you probably do. Trust us. It's important.

Key Concepts:

Intro to Computers and Best Practices
File Formats
Keyboard Shortcuts
Computer Best Practices
Directory and Storage Strategies
Navigating Your Machine

Course Length: 6 hours in total

Course Meets: Live in select cities

In-person Studio Sessions:  yes

Studio Session Locations: TBD

Office & Lab Hours Available: Yes (with membership)


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