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Mon, May 13, 2024

12 classes

$400 (*with active residency)


approaching capacity - book soon

1:00pm - 3:00pm Pacific

4:00 PM Eastern | 1:00 PM Pacific | 9:00 PM UK

Ableton Live

* active residency required

Logic Pro.jpg
Logic Pro

* active residency required

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Pro Tools

* active residency required

FL Studio

* active residency required


It all begins here. Choose your platform.

These Music Production Courses run simultaneously. Just choose one. Not sure which? We'll help.


Logic Pro Course: Learn Logic Pro X at Beat Kitchen 

Ableton Live Course: Learn Ableton Live 11 at Beat Kitchen 

Pro Tools Course: Learn Pro Tools at Beat Kitchen 

FL Studio Course: Learn FL Studio at Beat Kitchen 

Each of these wonderful platforms are your canvas. You will need command over one of them to create. Here at Beat Kitchen Music Production School, we'll help you get started in any of them. Reach out to us if you need help choosing. This course will get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible so that you can enjoy the later courses (or just go off on your own and produce your own music). But it all begins by choosing one of these music making apps.

These music production classes will establish a workflow and help you to understand how the software works. There will be some discussion of things like mixing and effects, but this course is designed to prepare you to tackle those kinds of topics later in the program. This class is all about learning how producers develop and export a musical idea. It's critical that you have these skills before you proceed any further.

Prices are listed below. Remember that members pay half-price and that each class (or collection) will incur a $100 enrollment fee at the time of purchase. 

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