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Hook vs. Chorus

A hook is an element in your arrangement. That’s not to say it can’t also be a chorus, but if we choose to make a hook mean the same thing as chorus, then we no longer have a word for that memorable line, the special groove, the signature element, the supportive riff — it’s as if some songs have their very own theme song.

And when a song has its very own theme song, now we are talking about arrangements.

Not all songs have a hook. Not all songs have a chorus. But every song you remember… is memorable. You might consider that memorable element to be a hook even if it’s as simple as a bulletproof melody or a unique narrative.

But this week at BKS we are working on crafting catchy arrangements and so if you responded to our previous post asking for songs with no choruses, let’s start thinking about what all those songs use instead.

And oh yeah—there’s still time to snag a seat in the upcoming Musician Basics Elective!

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