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Mastering Masterclass

Big mixes that sound great everywhere need to be mastered.

Mastering is the last stop between your music and your listeners. Your job doesn't end with music mixing! Learn how to complete and deliver a track for distribution! How is a song made louder? What is too loud? What is “Spec”? When is it a “Delivery”? To deliver a track for final release you need to know the answers to these questions. In this course Instructors will guide you through the process of meeting every requirement to release an album in any contemporary format: Streaming, Vinyl, Cassette, for Sync to Video, and More.

Key Topics:

Master Processing Chains
AD and DA Converters
Mastering Hardware
Listening Environments
Mid/Side Processing 
Stem Mastering
Advanced EQ, Limiting, Clipping
Format Specifics

Course Length: 24 hours in total

Course Meets: Live Remote Meeting Over Zoom

In-person Studio Sessions:  TBD

Studio Session Locations: TBD

Office & Lab Hours Available: Yes (with membership)


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