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This course takes beatmakers through the essential operations of this revolutionary platform. The elegance of Ableton Live's interface is unparalleled and its ability to seamlessly respond to creative input without missing a beat make it truly the most exceptional live platform on the market.


Understanding the layout, the tools, and the workflow of this powerful piece of software will prepare you for everything that our other courses offer. This course lays the mechanical foundation on which beatmakers will build essential skills.


The course is taught by experts in Ableton who know the ins and outs of the platform. Take this (or one of the other Core Skills) to get started in music production, or if you already know your way around another DAW and want to expand your toolbox.


Course Length: 24 hours in total

Course Meets: Live Remote Meeting Over Zoom

In-person Studio Sessions:  2

Studio Session Locations: Seattle, New York

Office & Lab Hours Available: Yes (with membership)



Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
6pm-8pm Pacific
April 4 - April 28


Key Concepts:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Primary Windows & Functions
  • Asset Management & Deployment (MIDI, Loops, Audio, etc.)
  • Manipulation and Editing of Assets
  • Recording & Playback Workflow
  • Session Organization
  • Tempo Operations
  • Song & Loop Building Techniques
  • Essential Signal Flow
  • Rendering and Exporting

Ableton Live Core Skills

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