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Rich Crescenti

Santa Barbara, CA

mix master

As a former lead instructor at SAE NY for over 6 years, and with over 10,000 hours of classroom time, I have helped hundreds of students to perform professional level work and understand the changing needs of a technology-based industry. I have been a licensed teacher in NY State since 2013 and have an expert level background in analog and digital signal flow. More importantly, my teaching focuses on how to approach the work for long-term success. Throughout my career as a freelance engineer, I have worked in a number of world class recording studios as well as made records in mountain cabins, NYC apartments, and everywhere in between. Confident and skilled in both analog and digital recording, I help bands of all styles make records reflective of their unique perspective.

Course taught include:

Basic and Advanced Signal Flow

SSL4000 G+, Neve 88R, Yamaha O2R, Audient ASP8024, Presonus StudioLive:

Analog and Digital Consoles: Theory, Usage, and Automation

Analog Tape: Theory, Usage, and Alignment

Interfacing and Synchronization of Analog and Digital Studio Gear

Microphones and Stereo Mic Techniques

Mixing, Mastering, FX

Sound for Picture, Surround Sound, EQ and Compression workshops

Pro Tools 1, 2, and 3 including the ICON Control Surface

Rich Crescenti
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