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Mark Marshall

New York City, NY

sound for picture

Brooklyn-based Mark Marshall has taken his years of experience and expertise -- a bootcamp spent touring as a guitarist and recording with notable musicians in many genres -- and has dedicated his creative output to composition projects that wield instruments, tape machines, samplers, and microphones in the same way an artist uses paint, charcoal and ink. For Marshall, composition is an experimental adventure.

“Sound has to evoke emotion. So the creation of sound is very much about finding exactly how to conjure that emotion.”

Mark Marshall’s obsessive interest in the creation of sound to properly express and shape emotion has taken his work to new heights. Marshall’s unique approach to composition, instrument choice, recording technique, and mixing options harkens back to his refusal to fit neatly in a box, coupled with his time-tested talent and experience on the road and in the studio.

Mark Marshall
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