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Cato Zane

San Diego, CA

production whisperer

Cato is a full-time audio engineer, music producer, and educator, specializing in Pro Tools music production. Cato has a wide range of experience in the audio industry. She has 20 years of audio engineering experience, and has been working full time as an audio engineer since 2010. She is currently earning a master's in Music and Music Education at Teachers College, as well as teaching applied studio music lessons for Columbia University. She also does freelance audio work, which includes working in San Diego recording studios, running an audio engineering Youtube channel, and recently opened a boutique studio of her own.

She is proficient on many instruments and has had years of formal training in percussion, piano, and flute.  She was a Music Peace Team Member of the International Day of Peace NGO committee at the United Nations, and a host for Pro Studio Live, a  live television show that brings accomplished engineers and producers into the studio to learn about their process. In her current city of San Diego, CA she has worked at Capricorn Studios, Studio West (with clients like The Arctic Monkeys, Melissa Etheridge, Deepak Chopra, and the A Way With Words podcast), Signature Sound Studios (working with Pro Studio Live), and Rarefied Recording. She also taught the audio course at Platt College for 8 years. She is also very excited about some of her recent work creating educational content for companies like Produce Like A Pro, Splice Music, and Antares (makers of AutoTune).

Cato has also worked in post-production and performed as A1 at numerous live sound venues.  Her live sound experience also includes working on Broadway shows and as front of house engineer for the Russian Ballet.  Before deciding to move to San Diego, Cato also functioned as studio manager of the Fortune Recording Studio at Connecticut College, and as the sole recording engineer for the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra.

For more information about Cato's education and work experience, please visit, or connect with her on social media (@catonoise on most social media platforms).

Cato Zane
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