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It's everything you need to know...

Soup-to-nuts, get creative, and enjoy a warm supportive community of artist-instructors who will walk you through the process of producing your own music.

The soul of our beat making school is the depth and diversity of our program. At Beat Kitchen Music Production School we teach all popular digital audio workstations (DAWs). We teach audio engineering, music training, how to mix your music, and program synths. Learn the gear you will need, how to use it, and how to get your music into the hands of your fans.

Music production classes (called labs) are organized into Collections. With the full program, you get them all. Technical, tactical, these courses never loses sight of the most important thing: keeping you creative and focusing on what YOU LOVE to do.

Our FULL PROGRAM typically begins with either one of our DAW CORE SKILLS courses (Logic, Ableton, ProTools, FL Studio) or with our MUSICIAN BASICS ELECTIVE. It then continues with the full range of courses we offer (except for additional DAW classes. You may only begin with one because they run simultaneously). Please see our PRICING page to calculate tuition. The price is determined by how many courses you choose, how many you purchase at once, and whether or not you are a member.

All Producer Collections


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